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Lolly isn't just marketing; it's your ticket to stardom. Our tailored Marketing as a Service energizes early-stage ventures, securing your first customers and boosting signups. From Digital PR to SEM and beyond, we craft growth journeys that turn startups into success stories. Get ready for sweet, unstoppable growth with Lolly.


Supercharge your startup's growth with our innovative marketing solutions.


Unlock your startup's full potential with Lolly's marketing expertise.


Boost your startup's success with Lolly's unconventional marketing strategies.


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Discover our comprehensive range of services designed to help startups succeed. From channel strategy and validation to go-to-market plans, sales/lead pipeline development, pitch deck creation, and post-launch support, we've got you covered.

Channel Strategy and Validation

Craft effective channel strategies and validate your startup's marketing approach.

Go-to-Market Plans and Sales/Lead Pipeline Development

Create successful go-to-market plans and develop a strong sales/lead pipeline.

Pitch Deck Creation and Enhancement

Craft compelling pitch decks that captivate investors and stakeholders.

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Pricing (beta)

The price of junior-intermediate marketing, with expert level strategy and execution. Seriously...

Beta Pricing Offer. Limited Time Offer.
Community Validation
Organic Social Management
Brand Development
Outdoor Advertising Management
Landing Page Creation
Sponsorship Guidance
Performance Marketing Channels
Partnership Outreach
Search Engine Optimisation
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Find answers to common questions about how Lolly tailors its services for idea-stage startups and the support provided beyond the launch.

How does Lolly help startups?

Lolly provides a range of services including channel strategy, validation, go-to-market planning, initial sales/lead pipeline, and pitch deck creation. We offer comprehensive support to help startups scale and succeed.

How can Lolly help after the launch?

Beyond the launch, Lolly continues to provide support and guidance to startups. We help optimize marketing strategies, refine sales pipelines, and assist with ongoing growth initiatives.

What sets Lolly apart?

Lolly's simple tier pricing model, combined with our expertise in marketing for startups, makes us a valuable partner for idea-stage companies. We offer tailored solutions and a touch of banter in our messaging.

How can I contact Lolly?

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. You can contact us through the provided form or by emailing us directly.

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